Early Childhood Teacher Certification in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s Early Childhood Education Scene

New Hampshire, known for its spirit of independence, is also recognized for having one of the top education systems in the country. It also ranks among the top states for children’s overall well-being, with early care and education being a priority. There are many opportunities for individuals pursuing a career in early childhood education in the state of New Hampshire.

Obtaining Teacher Certification/Licensure in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Department of Education includes extensive information about how to obtain certification/licensure. You will need to familiarize yourself with this site, as it contains many resources valuable to both aspiring teachers and current teachers.

New Hampshire allows individuals to become certified educators based on a variety of educational and life experiences. The state provides flexibility through five alternatives for licensure:

  1. Alternative 1 is for individuals who have completed an approved teacher preparation program and been recommended by the chairperson of the institution’s education department.
  2. Alternative 2 is for candidates who have received training and certification in another state or country. Certification is available to candidates from member states in the Interstate Agreement or who have training and certification comparable to what New Hampshire requires.
  3. Alternative 3 is for applicants who have gained the necessary skills and knowledge in a way other than Alternatives 1 or 2. It requires a written examination and oral review.
  4. Alternative 4 is for individuals in critical shortage areas. These applicants go through an Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP) that leads to certification.
  5. Alternative 5 is for candidates seeking elementary and secondary certification while on the job.

Be prepared to submit official transcripts and proof of passing scores on the required assessments. For more specifics, view the Application Instruction Sheet. You can submit a paper or online application.

Please contact the Bureau of Credentialing should you have any further questions about the certification/licensure process.


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ECE Degree Programs in New Hampshire

There are over a dozen early childhood education programs in the state.

is a selective national university and is also the largest university in the state. It offers a five-year undergraduate and graduate teacher education program in elementary (K through six) and early childhood education (pre-K through three). It also offers a doctorate in education, as well as dual certification.

is a public liberal arts school that was originally founded as a college for teachers. It has a well-respected teacher education program offering bachelor’s degrees in early childhood (pre-K through three) and elementary education (K through six).

is an affordable institution geared towards the adult learner. It offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education (pre-K through three). Evening, weekend and online classes are available. There are also several convenient campus locations across the state.

Teacher Jobs in New Hampshire

Several different avenues are available for pursuing a career in this dynamic field.

Public schools employ the vast majority of individuals seeking careers in early childhood education. Hiring decisions and salary negotiation is done at the district level. View the New Hampshire Based Job Sites here. Individuals seeking a job can go to the websiteSchool Spring for public school job listings in New Hampshire as well. Registered users can post applications and resumes online.

Here is a link to private schools in New Hampshire. Other employers to become familiar with are Head Start and Montessori schools. Be sure to research the child care centers in your local area, as many of these centers are in constant search for highly-qualified teachers and assistant teachers. GreatSchools.org can help you find top-rated preschools and elementary schools in your community as well.

Support Organizations for Educators

There are many professional organizations for teachers in the state of New Hampshire that share similar visions.

The National Education Association of New Hampshire (NEANH) aims to improve the profession and local public schools. It advocates for education and provides many member benefits. It is affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest professional employee organization with 3 million members in more than 14,000 communities across the country.

The New Hampshire Association for the Education of Young Children (NHAEYC) increases public awareness of the importance of early childhood education and provides professional development for educators. It is also an affiliate of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), an organization consisting of 80,000 members.

The New Hampshire Federation of Teachers is a union of professionals that quests for fairness. It is an affiliate of the 1.5 million member American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

A comprehensive list of other organizations may be found here.


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New Hampshire ECE Blogging

Advancing New Hampshire Public Education is a blog that promotes legislation and policies to improve New Hampshire public education. The New Hampshire Department of Education also has a blog of press releases outlining current issues and events going on in New Hampshire’s schools, as does the Huffington Post. Teachers share insightful information through their personal blogs.

Pocketful of Centers is written by a kindergarten teacher who loves creating hands-on materials to support student learning.

Inside the Classroom is written by a second-grade teacher who shares a variety of resources and ideas for the early elementary classroom.

Elementary Matters is written by a teacher of 36 years who has a passion for brain-based learning and teaching.

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